Willem Noske 1918 - 1995

Violinist Willem Noske has studied with Oskar Back and Carl Flesch. Since his first appearances as a child prodigy he has made an international solo career. He has been concertmaster of orchestras including the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra (Residentie Orkest) (1962-1980). He specialized in the performance of baroque music, with ensembles such as Sonata da Camera (1957-1985).

The encounter with the work and person of Dirk Balfoort in 1948 kindled Noske's passion for collecting Dutch music and for bringing about its revaluation. Works by Groneman, Hellendaal, De Fesch, Van Blankenburg, Hurlebusch, Graaf, G.J. van Eyken and many others were brought by him to attention.

The result of Noske's activities as a collector are two large and important collections: Musica Neerlandica, containing music prints, documentation and archives, which has been transferred to the Gemeentemuseum in 1993 and is since 2000 in the care of the NMI, and the international collection of violin music, handed over to the NMI in 2004.

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