Hector Nicolaas Constant Marinus (1902-1952)

Hector Marinus was born on Sumatra, but went to high school in the Netherlands. He then studied law, and in the same period had piano lessons with Dirk Schäfer and Leopold Podolsky. In 1937 he took composition lessons with Franz Schmidt in Vienna, and in 1938 instumentation lessons with Sem Dresden in The Hague.

As an autodidact he has composed since 1922 works with exotic elements, inspired by Debussy and Ravel, and by the music of his native country which he revisited in 1930. A ‘Suite javanaise’ for piano (also arranged for two pianos) of the years 1922-1929 was published in 1938; parts have been orchestrated. The quest for a synthesis between music of East and West was a constant in his oeuvre, which has become more widely known only after 1950. The Violin Concerto of 1933 was performed in 1952 by Jo Juda and the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul van Kempen; in the same year the ‘Residentie’ Orchestra conducted by Willem van Otterloo performed the Concertino for piano and Orchestra with soloist Luctor Ponse. Marinus died in the same year in Wassenaar.

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