Margriet Hoenderdos (1952-2010)

Margriet Hoenderdos, born in Santpoort, has studied piano with Thom Bollen at the conservatory of Zwolle, and composition with Ton de Keeuw at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Between 1977 and 1987 she has taught piano and contemporary music at the Zwolle music school. Since 1987 she has dedicated herself to composition exclusively. She died on 14 October 2010.

Characteristic for her compositions is well thought-out use of highly abstract structural principles, often with the help of number series. Earlier pieces bear suggestive titles like Es verjüngt sich nach unten (for piano, one hand, 1983), Het nieuwe verlaat (for orchestra, 1985) and ZICH-wederkerende bewegingen (for seven instruments, 1987). Starting with the orchetral work July ’90, her compositions are titled simply with the month and year of composition, such as August '93 for string quartet, December '03 for baritone and piano, and January ’10 for ten woodwinds, piano, harp and five strings. She also wrote music for mime and dance performances.

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