In addition to the possibility of taking pictures in the reading room or to request photocopies on the spot, you can also request copies or scans through our order form. At the moment these copies and scans are free of charge. However, there is a long waiting list. In some cases reproductions can only be made to a limited extent and only under certain conditions. For any kind of publication permission must be sought in writing or by email. Besides from sending us a complementary copy of the publication/production and including an appropriate citation in the publication, use fees can be requiered for unique or rare material such as manuscripts, old prints and photographs (see Price List). These and other conditions are stated on the order form.

Request form

After downloading the order form you can fill it out on your PC and send it by email to Saving completed forms is only possible if you have Adobe Acrobat 7 or higher. However, it is also possible to print the order form and send the completed form by post or make a scan and send it by email. After receiving, your order is processed as soon as possible, but this may take several weeks.

Order form PDF (for photocopies and reproductions)