Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Concertos before 1820. NMI mf IX/1-199
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Orchestral music before 1820. NMI mf X/1-372
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Church music, c.1750-c.1820. NMI mf XI/1-303
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Vocal and instrumental tutors. NMI mf XIII/1-118
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Vocal music 1650-1820.     
NMI mf XII/1-256
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Keyboard music 1620-1820. NMI mf IVa/1-197
=  Supplement to  Keyboard music, published by IDC                                     
NMI mf IV/1-1287
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Music for solo instrument
1660-1820. Supplement to Music for solo instrument and ensemble, publ. by IDC
NMI mf Va/1-197
NMI mf V/2000-2933
Guide to music from Dutch libraries on microfiche: Music for instrumental
ensemble 1660-1820. Supplement to Duets and trios; Quartets etc., IDC
NMI mf VIa-VIIa/1-390
NMI mf VI/3000-3939
NMI mf VII/ 4000-4491
Keyboard music, published by IDC 
NMI mf IV/1-1287
French opera scores. IDC Publications.
Contains 540 scores (with some vocal scores) of 520 primarily French operas: 220 works by eighteenth century composers (1760-1800) and 300 works by nineteenth century composers (1800-1870) from the Théâtre Français  de La Haye.
Number of microfiches: 2,635
NMI mf II/1-535
Music for solo instrument and ensemble : from Dutch music libraries, publ. by IDC
NMI mf V/2000-2933
Duets and trios, published by IDC                             
NMI mf VI/3000-3939
Quartets etc. published by IDC                                                     
NMI mf VII/4000-4491
Tutors, published by IDC
NMI mf VIII/1-498
Supplement Tutors
NMI mf varia/5100-
Dance collection. IDC Publications, 1982.
The collection includes works on dance history and aesthetics, dance methods and dance music in printed and manuscript form. Dance forms include French and Italian renaissance dance (before 1630), the English country dance, the baroque dance (after 1630) and the contredance (before 1820).
NMI mf I/1-120
Opera collection. IDC Publications.
Contains 469 scores of 388 operas. Scores, vocal scores and arrangements of operas of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including the complete works of Lully, Rameau, Grétry and von Gluck.
Number of microfiches: 1,819
NMI mf III/1-399
Musical Iconography (RIdIM): European musical instruments on prints and drawings.
IDC Publications. The Music Department of the Haags Gemeentemuseum has an unusually fine collection of prints and drawings from the sixteenth - nineteenth century. They provide valuable information about construction, music in in- and outdoor celebrations and allegorical and biblical representations.
Number of microfiches: 77
NMI mf -
Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments. IDC Publications.                                    
Contains: drawings of 512 musical instruments (16th-19th century) from 25 collections and museums in Europe and the United States. The contemporary drawings were made for various purposes, but usually include detailed information about important aspects of the instruments, such as technical construction, materials used, details of interiors, carvings and decoration. Information includes names of instrument maker and drawer as well as dates of instrument and drawing.
Number of microfiches: 662
NMI mf -
Musicology. IDC Publications. Only a small part of this publication available.                 
NMI mf monogr
Alsbach-collection: 19th-20th century scores published by Dutch publishers. NMI ABmf
Musica-Neerlandica collection: Dutch songs (19th-20th century prints).                      
Musica-Neerlandica collection: Vocal music (19th-20th century prints).                       
Musica-Neerlandica collection: Instrumental music (19th-20th century).