Netherlands Music Institute

The Netherlands Music Institute (NMI) is the central institution for the preservation of the musical heritage of the Netherlands.

Thousands of music manuscripts, letters and other documents will be found in the music archives. The library contains numerous early prints of treatises and scores, as well as modern editions and reference works. The collections serve as a source for historical research and modern music practice.

Music library will be open again from 8 December. Read more (in Dutch) >

New visitors address:

Haags Gemeentearchief (City Archive)
Reading room ground floor
Spui 70 (Atrium City Hall)
2511 BT The Hague

Note: the NMI will be closed on 24 December and 31 December.


From the archives: Monthly feature

Clara Schumann? At first sight, there is a striking resemblance. Upon closer study, the identification of this extraordinary portrait seems credible. (Photograph by H.Ph.J. Schuiten, Amsterdam).

Due to reduction of the organisation, this series is discontinued as of December 2012.

October: Whose portrait? »


Alphons Diepenbrock Catalogue of Works

Alphons Diepenbrock is generally considered the most important Dutch composer from the years around 1900. This new website in the Dutch and English language not only presents descriptions of all his works - completed and uncompleted - but also allows you to browse through the autographs of his compositions and to listen to fragments or complete recordings of his pieces. »


State subsidy for musical heritage cut to zero

In his vision of what should be ‘new culture policy', State Secretary Halbe Zijlstra has announced on Friday, June 10 that subsidy for the Netherlands Music Institute will be terminated as of January 1, 2013. This effectively means that the State denies further responsibility for musical heritage.

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Louis Andriessen: "It's War!"

"Everything that has been built up after the war in the last sixty years is now being destroyed", Andriessen on the destruction by the Rutte administration of the Dutch Music Institute and the Music Centre Netherlands.

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